Fortified Solar, a leading solar energy company, is currently seeking experienced commercial property and solar project developers to spearhead our national expansion efforts. As we strive to establish a stronger presence across the country, we are particularly interested in professionals with expertise in developing projects for Boat/RV storage facilities, residential communities, and commercial/industrial buildings. We recognize the immense potential for solar energy integration in these sectors and are excited to collaborate with individuals who possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities they present. By joining Fortified Solar, developers will have the opportunity to play a crucial role in expanding renewable energy adoption and contributing to a sustainable future.

Commercial & Industrial

When you need a new steel roof on your commercial or industrial project, check with Fortified Solar first. Not only will you get a free roof, but you could save millions of dollars in electrical and HVAC expenses for your project.

Boat & RV Storage

Fortified Solar is ideally suited for large Boat & RV storage projects. Increase your monthly rental rate by covering your storage and include vehicle charging. Additionally you’ll be able to increase cash flow through capitalizing on extra electricity.


We are seeking development partners to help us bring solar carports and solar-powered housing to tiny home communities, mobile home parks, and residential neighborhoods.

Revolutionize Your Project

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