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New federal tax credit legislation allows for the simple transferability of Investment Tax Credits generated from new solar generating and storage facilities. Corporations are in the best position to take advantage of these credits. Cost segregation and tax credit memorandum is generated for every project by leading renewable energy law firms. With insurance available for all tax credit purchases, know that your reduced tax liability is protected for the entire term of your credits.

We work with a top 20 CPA firm, with a robust tax credit practice, to issue all supporting materials. Those materials include: projections, tax returns, financial statements and memorandums as needed.

We are proud to offer continued exceptional service to our customers by providing available tax credit insurance. We understand that investing in solar energy systems can be a significant financial commitment, and that’s why we have partnered with Brown & Brown, a reputable insurance company, to offer this valuable coverage. Through this partnership, Fortified Solar ensures that our customers can take advantage of federal and state tax credits without the worry of potential risks. Brown & Brown’s tax credit insurance protects our customers against unforeseen events that could potentially impact their eligibility for tax credits, providing them with peace of mind and safeguarding their financial investment. At Fortified Solar, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that make solar energy more accessible and financially viable for our clients, and our collaboration with Brown & Brown further demonstrates our commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

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